Asda Foundation is an independent charity with more than 30 years’ history of helping people in local communities.

About us

Our mission is to transform communities and improve lives throughout the UK, complementing Asda Stores’ ambition to be at the heart of local communities, through building long-term community resilience and being there in times of crisis. The Foundation supports grassroots organisations in making a real impact, and supports local communities in emergencies, reacting quickly to help people in the immediate hours following a disaster.

Sharing stories

The last 18 months have been an incredibly challenging for everyone across the UK. Crisis support became front and centre in Asda Foundation’s response to the pandemic. To learn more about what we have funded and how we helped local communities.
As lockdown eases and communities are slowly able to come back together, we are introducing new grant streams and adapting our ways of working so we can continue to invest in supporting our local communities at a grassroots level.

Asda ESG Report

Asda have published their 2021 ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) report based on the Creating Change for Better programme which Asda Foundation are part of. It’s important to Asda and Asda Foundation that we continue to support local communities.
Asda Foundation Trustees

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Jane Earnshaw


Jodie Tate


Jason Martin


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