Eligibility Check

Please answer the questions below to check if your group’s project is eligible for our Investing in Spaces and Places Grant. If your group are eligible to apply, you can access the link to submit an application below.

Asda Foundation wants to ensure a range of support for projects across the UK. Due to high demand in your selected area we are no longer accepting applications for this area. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Please keep on our website and social media channels for future funding opportunities.

  • 1.

    Have you checked our list of what we wouldn’t fund (found here)?

  • 2.

    Does your group have signed governing documents outlining not-for-profit status?

  • 3.

    Does your group have an annual income of under £100,000, which can be demonstrated through 2 full years of annual accounts? (2 years of annual accounts will be requested upon application).

  • 4.

    Does your group have a bank account in the name of the applying group that accepts cheques?

  • 5.

    Does your group have a safeguarding policy in place?

  • 6.

    Is your group applying for £25,000 or less?

  • 7.

    Does your group own the building/site or have at least 5 years on the lease?

  • 8.

    Has your group raised 10% of the total project cost?

Your group qualifies!

Great news! Your group are eligible to apply. Click the link below to register your group and apply for an Investing in Spaces and Places grant.

Register Here

Sorry, your group does not qualify.

Unfortunately, your group does not meet the criteria required to apply for this grant. Keep an eye across our social channels for any new funding opportunities available.