Funding for Champions Community Sport & Health CIC

June 9th, 2023

Champions Community Sport & Health CIC received an Asda Foundation grant for £21,225 to to transform their hut and outside space into a revitalised place for community activities.

Funding is needed to carry out building repairs and development both internally and externally to create a new, usable community space for children and young people to be together, overcome adversity and thrive.

Funding for Champions Community Sport & Health CIC

The group was set up in 2020 on a mission to make sport available to all children and young people, regardless of age, ability or background. A large proportion of children were unable to access traditional sports clubs due to financial limitations and were becoming inactive, hungry, socially isolated, and in some cases, involved in anti-social behaviour. To address this, the group launched free turn up and play football sessions which includes breakfast and lunch. Sessions run weekly and through the school holidays to provide access to sport and food during the school break.

Through football and other activity, this group has been able to open the door to support families struggling with food provision and offers a youth development and coaching programme to give young people additional skills and qualifications.

“Thank you Asda Foundation for putting your faith in our little project and allowing us to flourish. Sport is so important to children and young people in our local community, helping to build community spirit, improving physical and mental health, creating connections and breaking down barriers. This funding will help take our support for the local community to the next level, the enhanced space will help us to provide a better-quality service and support more people from the local community, including older people.”

Sam Gilmore, Project Manager


“The work this group does with young people through sport is inspiring and Asda Foundation funding will have a huge impact in our community. The group is helping to grow and teach the next generation that despite the obstacles they face, with hard work and perseverance, they can achieve whatever they set out to. Funding will help to transform the hut, making it safe, secure and accessible to more people long into the future.”

Sharon, Local Community Champion