Transformation Tuesday - Butterfly Effect Wellbeing

We previously shared the story of Butterfly Effect Wellbeing, their story can be found here. They received one of our Investing in Spaces and Places grants for £25,000, via Asda Harlow. Their goal was to raise £60,000 to renovate an existing building to meet the group's expanding needs.

We have exciting news, which you may have already seen, Butterfly Effect Wellbeing were on BBC’s DIY SOS on Monday 18th December at 8pm. DIY SOS helped Butterfly Effect Wellbeing to meet their goal and complete the renovations.

Entrance to the wellbeing centre with an Asda Foundation plaque

The group wanted to provide a safe, comforting hub for the community; to help bring people together in the current cost of living crisis.

Before and after images of a renovated outside area

Before and after images of a renovated room

This transformation has future-proofed their work, meaning they can continue to offer their services long into the future, as well as ensuring their ability to support multiple different groups as they now have more space to accommodate a variety of activities.

Construction workers working on outside area of the wellbeing centre

The newly transformed building now offers a relaxing garden space, yoga studio, clothing share store, an indoor and outdoor kitchen and cosy spaces to connect. The serene and homely feeling provides a welcoming and inviting hub for people to share their stories and focus on their wellbeing.

Some of the Asda Foundation colleagues went to visit during the build and Asda Harlow Community Champion Gemma was there daily, providing the workers with drinks and snacks.

Gemma said, “I am proud we accomplished so much this year for The Butterfly Effect with Angie, the way this snowballed and became what it has now is amazing. Once all the attention slows down I/we will still help them in the many years to come. Every time I drive or walk past the hub I smile, thinking of the effort we put in to get our grant, the fun with the BBC team & how amazing the transformation is. Its brilliant how we have made a real difference to our town.”

Gemma’s incredible commitment hasn’t gone unrecognised within the community and she has been nominated for a Harlow Town Community of the Year Award. You can vote here.

Angela Hannibal, founder of the group, said “Gemma goes above and beyond to help us all and she’s done so much for us."

Group of Asda Foundation Colleagues and the Community Champion

Group of Asda Foundation colleagues with Nick Knowles

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